Practicing yoga during this exciting time of your life is the ideal way to nurture your body as you care for your growing baby. Yoga is also beneficial because it helps you learn to breathe deeply and relax, which will come in handy as you face the physical demands of labour, birth, and motherhood.

Through simple concentration, pregnant mothers are encouraged to trust their intuition and find the strength and confidence within themselves to enjoy their pregnancy, give birth and take on the awesome responsibility of being a mother with quiet confidence and inner – and outer – joy.

Prenatal Yogilate 

Class combined of Yoga and Pilate, specially design for pregnant mummy who prefer more dynamic and cardio workout to keep themselves in shape during pregnancy. Class also included of pelvic floor muscles exercise and yoga breathing to keep calm and relax.

One of the most important aspects of prenatal Yogilates is the possibility to get in contact with your own body and there is not a better time to do this than when you are pregnant. Yogilates helps you to let go of accumulated tension and so it allows you relax very deeply.

They can learn to develop a silent and very intimate connection with her own body and her baby by getting more in contact with her own instincts and trusting her own intuition. Yogilates will also help you to improve your posture, one of the main reasons of extra pain in the body. When the posture becomes more equilibrated, it improves the circulation of the blood and that of the fluids, making one even able to breathe better. And so the whole body relaxes more and becomes more in harmony with the whole nature. There are many exercises we do to improve the circulation of the body and the flexibility of the hips and the spine, to strengthen arms and legs, to learn about the perineal area (how to strengthen and especially how to relax it), to develop coordination and concentration and in short, to prepare the body for this incredible and unforgettable journey.


Post-Natal Yoga

Most women deal with two major issues after pregnancy, namely, weight gain and unwanted flab. Yoga deals with these two issues simultaneously, achieving positive results. Postnatal yoga concentrates on strengthening the abdominal muscles which were overstretched during pregnancy. Exercises include gentle twists which help shrink the uterus. It uses specific exercises designed to get your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles back in shape again. A regular yoga regime coupled with a proper diet and cardiovascular exercise helps in developing leaner, longer muscles and a toned body after pregnancy.

Recommended for new mums to start Postnatal yoga after 8 week of natural birth or after 12 weeks of caesarean to lose those baby weight.


Couple Yoga

Its has been widely accepted that Yoga helps to improve one’s physical and emotional health. Why not enjoy the health benefit of Yoga with your love one. Couple Yoga hope to achieve beyond the normal health benefit of Yoga, but hope to improve relationships with your partner through various synchronization and endurance. With guidance from our professional trained Yoga instructor, you can assure that both you and your partner will be able to relax your body and mind..


Mum & Baby Yoga

Restore core strength and proper posture, build your upper body strength to carry the weight of your baby without hurting your back. It’s a great way to get back to shape while having fun exercises with you baby. There’s plenty of benefits for babies too – with lots of playtime, music and songs!