Lactation Support Massage


Most mothers prefer to breast feed their child for a certain period before switching to formula milk. The common problems faced will be ensuring that the lactating glands in your breasts can generate a constant supply of milk for your child, and ensuring that the lactation ducts are not blocked to prevent painful breast engorgement. Our unique and effective Lactation glands massage will aid in the production and circulatory flow that is vital to maintain an ample milk supply.

Lactation Consultation

Consultation can be arranged with our Lactation Consultant for a one-to-one session. Our Lactation Consultants who will observe a feed and help you to latch correctly. A good latch is the basis to successful lactation. If you are not enjoying breastfeeding due to discomfort, if you know that it does not feel right, get the help of a Certified Lactation Consultant early.


Location: 290 Orchard Road. #05-02, S238859

Register Fee: SGD 180.00

Each Session: 45 minutes

Day: Every Fridays 10am to 1pm

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