Acupressure Baby Massage (Baby Tuina)


  • Supports brain development
  • Relieves discomfort from wind , colic and constipation
  • Improves baby growth development
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Increases immunity from common ailments
  • Promotes parent and child bonding

Course 1
Common pediatric massage techniques
Massage routine to improve digestion

Course 2
Massage to assits baby’s growth development and improve sleep quality

Course 3
Massage routine for brain development

Course 4
Massage routine to improve immunity against cough and running nose

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Infant Care 

Expecting a baby in your family?

If so, it’s essential for first-time parents/grandparents to understand how to best care for the newest member of your family. Participants will acquire the basic skills of baby such as basic handling, bathing dressing up, diaper changing, swaddling/safe sleeping, feeding and winding after feeding through hands-on practice in a stimulated environment.


  • Gain confidence and competence in baby care
  • Acquire the basic skills of baby care
  • Establish parent-child bonding
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Baby Massage 

Providing physical, emotional and mental health benefits, Baby massage is a unique yet natural way to increase the bond between a parent and child. Massaging babies for up to 15 minutes a day can help to increase circulation, promote relaxation, aid the digestive and respiratory systems, and relieve muscle tension. The course covers an extensive curriculum that is special blend of theory, practical and experiential learning.


  • Learn about baby’s body and development
  • Develop awareness of baby’s needs and feeling
  • Foster closer parent and baby bond
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Baby First Aid

Babies, while a handful, are unable to get into too much trouble. Things can change dramatically though once they find their legs!

This workshop aims to equip and life saving techniques and procedures to render basic emergency care to their little one prior to the arrival of professional responders. Homeproofing to make your home a safe environment is one way for parents to enjoy the growing up process of your little one.

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