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To Pamper our Customers with our unique personal service.

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We provide an environment conducive for delightful healthcare experience through our well-trained professionals.Set up in Singapore in 2004, Beauty Mums & Babies has been the trusted leader in providing one stop wellness services for mothers and babies.

Beauty Mums & Babies’ mission is to partner with mothers-to-be and new mothers from the time they are pregnant to when their babies are born, and help them to be comfortable and confident during the different stages of motherhood and childhood. Our team of certified professionals (specialized in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Javanese methods) provides a comprehensive range from prenatal and postnatal well-being services to prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Our Company adopts a fair and ethical business practice as well as appropriate marketing communications at all times and having responsibility to our customers which helped us obtained a CAT 1 Massage License from Police Licensing Department and has been accredited by Case Trust.

All About Mums and Babies
A Thing (or Two) About Holly Jean

Date: 29 Sept 2016, Thursday | By Holly Jean

Their baby spa has a hydropool for swimming, baby massages, pregnancy/ post partum massages, lactation consultants and also classes like Baby Yoga.

I decided to let her try out a baby massage since she has never gotten one before ( I don’t even massage her at home).  As you know, Myla Rae goes swimming in a regular pool a few times a week and has been doing so since she was 2 months old. So I didn’t think she would benefit from the hydropool. However, if your baby has never been in the pool, or you’re worried about the chlorine water in regular pools, this Hydropool at Baby Spa will be great for your bubs since the water is heated, there are no harsh chemicals (they use crystal water) and also the pool is small (like a deep tub) which can be less scary if baby is not used to swimming yet.


Date: 29 September 2016, Wednesday | by Honey

We love indulging our babies to a baby spa. We had Naj have a baby spa when he was 5 months old. We were so delighted at how happy he was when he had his pampering session. Now it was Fynn’s turn to have a baby spa session of his own. Fynn is 6months old now and baby spa can be done to babies 2 months to 18 months old.

On Sunday afternoon, the whole family headed to Paragon Mall to treat Fynn for a 45 minutes of baby spa at Beauty.Mums & Babies.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by two smiling staff of Beauty.Mums & Babies. There was room for me to fill up a form for necessary information needed so they can make sure he doesn’t have any allergies, medical conditions, etc. and give him the best service specifically for him.


Date: 28 October 2016, Friday | by Honey

I know I have been whining about my postpartum fats for quite sometime now. Fynn is already 7 months old and I haven’t reach my target in weight goal. I told myself October 2016 is my deadline for losing the 5 kg I been whining about. October is closing in and I am now 6 kg over my target weight. I have tried some diets and I couldn’t find time for a consistent exercise regime with two clingy kids. I have to admit now, this little mommy needs help!

When everything fails, I turned to the amazing technology available nowadays to make our lives a little bit easier. I got to try Beauty.Mums & Babies’ LPG LipoMassage at their Paragon outlet.